Sweet Tobacco + Teakwood - Gold

Hers Wave Sweet Tobacco + Teakwood Candle

100% Organic Soy Wax Candle. It is non-toxic, long burning over 48h, made with premium grade fragrance oils. Hers Wave candles are meant to fill your space with aroma, using the finest essential oils. Sweet Tobacco is complex scent created from leather, tobacco, musk, and amber notes. Woody base notes and spicy middle notes make this a beautiful rounded scent

Fragrance Oils: Sweet Tobacco + Teakwood

Size: 11 oz. 
Jar: Premium Gold Glass (Sourced from California)
Added pieces of Cinnamon
Hand-poured in Miami

Hers Wave Candles are carefully designed and crafted with your home and family in mind. I believe your home should be a collection of people and things you love and care about. It's the perfect gift for HIM.