Your home is Your TEMPLE

Hers Wave Candles

In the pandemic era, our lives, goals, and habits have changed. We spend more time at home, away from family and friends. Our apartment/house is EVERYTHING now. Home is a hotel, a gym, a spa, an office, a restaurant and a bar. It’s a place where we reset, re-charge, and relax. We’ve had no choice but to adjust to this new reality. We need to find life and work harmony in order to maintain our sanity. I wanted to create something that brings happiness and tranquility in these hectic times. Hers Wave Candles are made out of 100% Organic Soy Wax, mixed with Premium Natural Essential Oils. Just light the Hers Wave candle, meditate or put on your favorite playlist or movie, and relax. 


Hers Wave Story

Started in 2018 in the South of Poland, Hers Wave brought forth a collection of beautifully handmade wicker baskets sourced completely with raw and natural materials. The elderly Polish farmers making the baskets have been doing so for centuries. They have a unique mastery of the craft, only possible from decades of perfecting their techniques. I wanted to work with them to create timeless and classic pieces. I desired not only to provide a fashionable product, but also an environmentally friendly one. Hers Wave’s goal is to create products that benefit physical and mental wellness.

Oksana Poli

Inspiring brand and inspiring bags. I own 2 bags, they are great quality and upgrade any outfit I wear. Love Hers Wave designs, they all are unique and beautiful. I highly recommend this brand 💛

Federica Scuratti

Love this brand! Bags are unique and excellently made 👌The girls who create the collection are so lovely and always available for any information 💕 I highly recommend them all!

Catherine Vilhem

The best baskets I bought, the two models I have not left me in the summer, the quality is crazy 👌🏻I can not wait to order the next model for the winter 😍